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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Simply Salmon (or other fish)

Salmon Fillet(s)
Olive oil
Lemon pepper
Crushed black pepper
Lemon slices

Baste the fillet in a small amount of olive oil being sure to coat the entire surface (not the skin side if you leave skin on).
Sprinkle Lemon pepper on to your taste. Add black pepper if it needs more kick. Add lemon slices if you see fit.
Wrap in foil being sure to seal the edges completely.
If you do two fillets try to match them in size and lay them on one another so that the skin side is out.

Grill Salmon until done (yeah... I don't time things) and will flake easily with a fork. You may also cook this atop coals.


*Optional additions

Wash and trim asparagus to lay atop the lemon slices and/or in between the fillets.
Pepper slices are also a good addition.

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